Education and Training
Learn the Right Way to Sell Real Estate


We offer a 6-week rotation of classes to teach and help agents improve on the important practical application processes of real estate. Learn the business the right way.

  • Marketing. Learn proven marketing techniques used by millionaire agents to make your business grow. We discuss referrals, direct, and passive marketing, use of a 24-hour hotline and more. Whether you’re just beginning or an experienced agent you’ll come away with ideas and methods to make your business grow.
  • Contracts. Proper way to fill out basic forms, rules for working with other agents, supplementary clauses, when to use contingencies, how to give proper notices, etc. We’ll discuss both selling and listing agreements.
  • CMA (Comparable Market Analysis). Learn the proper way to price homes when listing or selling. Probably one of the most important parts of real estate is knowing how to determine the value of a home. We’ll cover the step-by-step process and show you how professional agents use this information for the benefit of their clients whether they are buyers or sellers.
  • Database management. The key to any long-term career in real estate is keeping track of your client database and using this as an excellent marketing tool. We’ll also cover the importance of providing “Seller Net Sheets” and “Buyer Costs Sheets,” and how to utilize these automated tools properly provide assistance to your clients to really set you apart from the crowd. More referrals, more professionalism, teach your clients the value of what you do.
  • Buyers. We discuss the proper way to show and sell homes. These methods will save time and energy, and will help your buyers make faster and more informed decisions. We’ll discuss buyer broker agreements, buyer presentations, and more.
  • Sellers. Powerful listing presentations are taught that will allow you to beat out the competition. We’ll discuss specific terminology, automated listing presentation, seller’s net sheet and more. We'll also discuss the professional methods used by top agents around the country on how to properly service your sellers.

    In addition to those classes, agents have access to our company web page where we provide 24-hours a day access to “Most Frequently Asked Questions” to help them at times when they can’t contact the broker.


Rocky Mountain Realty organizes many FREE continuing education classes to assist agents in acquiring the necessary hours to renew their state real estate license.


On our site, we provide answers to the "Most Frequently Asked Questions" by agents. This assists agents in reviewing the necessary forms, procedures, etc. in putting together offers.  Additionally, all of our training that is done in person is available online.


At the heart of our ongoing comprehensive training program is our interest in helping our team builders and leaders become the most productive, efficient and effective real estate agents in the industry.

Our ongoing training program provides our team builders and leaders with the skills and tools needed to take their production to the next level.

We teach you important marketing skills used by millionaire agents that increase your referrals through direct and passive marketing.  You’ll also learn how to use    24-hour hot lines to increase your share of hot real estate leads.

We show you how to negotiate and fill out contracts, how to price your listings correctly and verify prices for your sellers and buyers, then use that information effectively in negotiations.

In addition you will learn how to track your clients using data base technology and how to use this information to increase your valuable referral base.

You learn how to show and sell homes using an automated buyer’s presentation and how to efficiently and effectively assist your buyers in making faster yet informed decisions.

We also teach a course in power listing presentations that empowers you to beat out the competition. You learn how to use proven technology that increases your listing opportunities including an automated seller’s net sheet.

In addition to the excellent training provided by the broker you have extensive online resources and a team leader to assist you in achieving your career goals.

We look forward to having you join us here at Rocky Mountain Realty