Team Building and Leadership Program

Deveop A Team Through Recruiting

Increase your earning power through team building bonuses.

Our team-building program is unique and innovative.  You can earn bonuses by becoming a team builder and/or a team leader.

This program rewards both the team builder and the team leader for their efforts in building the company.    A team builder or leader who aggressively recruits other agents, while continuing to build his own practice has the opportunity to earn significant income now and on an ongoing basis, even after he personally stops listing and selling.

Become a Team Builder and earn a $100 team-building bonus for each transaction closed by the recruited agent.

Team Builder Smith recruits associate Jackson who closes 15 transactions per year.  Team Builder Smith receives a team-building bonus of $1,500.

Team Builder Smith has recruited 10 agents who close 15 transactions per year.  Team Builder Smith receives a team-building bonus of $15,000.

Become a Team Leader and earn additional income for team leadership on each transaction closed by a recruited agent.

Our Team Leadership Program is completely unique and innovative.  There is nothing like it within the real estate industry.  This program was designed with the idea of a Team Leader potentially generating a significant amount of income outside of personal sales.  This program will help agents prepare for the time when they will do less personal production but still want to maintain a steady income.

Team Builders and Team Leaders continue to earn team-building and team leadership bonuses on recruited agents as long as those agents are with the company and the team leader or builder has met the necessary requirements to receive the bonuses.


Ongoing Training Program

At the heart of our ongoing comprehensive training program is our interest in helping our team builders and leaders become the most productive, efficient and effective real estate agents in the industry.

Our ongoing training program provides our team builders and leaders with the skills and tools needed to take their production to the next level.

We teach you important marketing skills used by millionaire agents that increase your referrals through direct and passive marketing.  You’ll also learn how to use 24-hour hot lines to increase your share of hot real estate leads.

We show you how to negotiate and fill out contracts, how to price your listings correctly and verify prices for your sellers and buyers, then use that information effectively in negotiations.

In addition you will learn how to track your clients using data base technology and how to use this information to increase your valuable referral base.

You learn how to show and sell homes using an automated buyer’s presentation and how to efficiently and effectively assist your buyers in making faster yet informed decisions.

We also teach a course in power listing presentations that empowers you to beat out the competition. You learn how to use proven technology that increases your listing opportunities including an automated seller’s net sheet.

In addition to the excellent training provided by the broker you have extensive online resources and a team leader to assist you in achieving your career goals.

We look forward to having you join us at Rocky Mountain Realty.