Before You Leave Your Present Home:

· Stop telephone, milk delivery, diaper service, newspaper delivery etc & ldots;
· Get Final Reading of gas meter, electric meter, and water meter & ldots;
· Contact the utilities in the city to which you are moving.
· Pick Up items out for cleaning and repair.
· Send your forwarding address to your local post office, and send change of address cards to magazines, insurance companies, friends and stores.
· Inform the principal of your children's school about your intended move. Get a letter from him covering the status of your children in school.
· Transfer your fire insurance on household goods or other insurance on personal possessions, so that they will be covered at your new home and en-route.
· Notify pastor of your church that you are leaving.
· Obtain birth records, baptism records of all the children.
· Get medical records of shots, eyeglass prescriptions.
· Transfer your bank accounts
· Have your present bank arrange credit references for establishing new accounts.
· Arrange for sufficient cash or travelers checks to cover the cost of moving services and expenses.
· When Applicable notify your draft board.
· Leave keys for your property with Realtor.

Arriving At Your New Home:

· Check appliances, hot water heater, etc.
· Contact utility companies to begin new service.
· Contact newspapers, dairy, etc. for home deliveries.
· Establish local charge accounts.
· Select doctor, dentist, pediatrician, etc.
· Register children in school.
· Contact pastor, priest, or bishop of new church.
· Have your attorney revise your will if necessary.
· Have the lock of your home changed, make sure you have adequate insurance coverage.
· Ask mailman for the mail he may be holding for your arrival.
· Visit city offices and register for voting.
· Register car at new address after arrival in state, or a penalty may have to be paid.
· Obtain necessary licenses. Driver's, automobile, dog etc.

MOST OF ALL---Enjoy Your New Home!!!!!