Instructions to Sellers

1) Your home should be shown by appointment only, and accompanied by a Realtor. NO ONE OFF THE STREET SHOULD BE ALLOWED IN. If they do come to the door and ask for information, please give them my card or a flyer and ask them to call me.

2) Keep a pad and pencil by the phone and write down the name of the company and the Realtor calling to make an appointment. Realtors are less likely to not show up for an appointment if they know you have their name and the name of their company.

3) Do not discuss any financing terms with the other agents or the people that come through your home. Refer those questions to me.

4) Don't change your lifestyle. If you plan to eat dinner at 6:30 and they want to come, they understand people have to eat. Don't stay home waiting for an appointment. If you have to leave, tell the agent what your plans are and make arrangements that are suitable for all concerned.

5) Keep your home neat and clean. Tidy houses sell faster and for a higher price. Keep the yard clean and trimmed, especially if you have dogs.

6) Be prepared for short notice. Sometimes only half an hour. Realtors don't always have control of the advance notice given to set appointments.

7) Keep pets outside. They frighten some people and they don't relax in the home.

8) Normal showing hours are from 9:00a.m. to 8:30p.m. You shouldn't have to show your home other than these hours unless there are special circumstances.

9) If convenient, show the home without an appointment, but ONLY when accompanied by a Realtor.

10) Answer questions from prospective buyers like, how long does it take to get to town, children's ages in the neighborhood, nearest stores etc. But do not answer financing questions.

11) All offers will go through me as your representative. If an agent calls to tell you there is an offer, you should refer them to me.

12) When possible, step outside or make yourself scarce when your home is being shown.