Marketing Resources
Powerful, Professional, Efficient and Effective Tools

Our company provides you with some of the best resources for easy-to-use marketing materials. Using these resources allows you to systemize your marketing efforts to make you more efficient and simplify your life. This frees you up and allows you to spend more quality time in serving your clients and creating more free time for the things you want to do.


  • Free Website that captures and emails your leads. Our system is used by tens of thousands of professionals throughout the country. Our website provides you with tools and resources including a complete website solution, the largest syndication network available, effortless prospecting tools and prospect management features.
  • 24-hour hotline that will email or text message your leads instantly. Learn how to advertise and market using this powerful tool. This tool will assist you in generating buyers and servicing your sellers, creating a unique selling position setting yourself apart from your competition.
  • Listing brochures and flyers. Computer generated marketing material to print, fax or email. Agents can create their own marketing materials from a number of resources. Print from your own computer or utilize the services of our many vendors. Whatever you choose, the key word is “simple.”
  • Postcards. Whether “Just Listed or Just Sold,” or other marketing ideas, agents can choose between a number of resources.  Utilize the services of our many vendors. Marketing lists for entire state are available and the agent can choose to either print and send their own, or have it done by a service provider. The entire process can be completely streamlined and done from the comfort of your home office. From design to mailing, it can all be accomplished using the resources we provide.
  • Seller Information Packet. Professional full-color marketing packet designed for marketing your services to future sellers. It also provides useful information and instructions to your current clients. This packet was created by professionals who understand the importance of setting yourself apart from the crowd.
  • Sellers Net Sheet and Buyers Cost Sheet. A computerized solution to the most important questions asked by sellers and buyers. “What will my bottom line be after selling my home and paying closing costs and commissions?” “How much will my closing costs be and what will my payments be on the purchase of my new home?” Rocky Mountain Realty agents are able to answer these questions quickly and accurately using our technology. Your clients will love it!
  • Listing and Buyer Presentations. Over the course of many years of being a top listing agent, Bob has developed a powerful listing presentation that will enable you to compete with anyone in the market place. Use the computerized presentation on your laptop to market your services and once again set yourself apart from the pack. Your future clients will truly be impressed. The computerized buyer presentation assists your clients in fully understanding the home buying process. They will appreciate your professionalism and insight.
  • Free E-mail. Each of our agents receives a free customized email account using the Rocky Mountain Realty name.