Experience Is The Difference


I invite you to contact me today and learn how I nearly tripled my personal production in one year.  After 11 years of focusing on my brokerage, I decided to personally use the principles I developed and used successfully as an agent 29 years ago.  These time-tested ideas allowed me to increase my personal production from $2.5 million to over $6.7 million in one year.  

Whether you are new to the industry or a seasoned professional, I'll provide you with excellent training and resources to help you increase your income.  It's not just about technology, that's the easy part, we all have it.  The most important skills you can learn are how to find and service clients professionally.  There are several keys to your success that I will share with you.  

Bob Hoffman has been in the real estate business for more than 29 years.  Because of his high volume of business, Bob developed his own unique system of working with buyers and sellers.  He has been an innovator of new marketing ideas and the utilization of current technology. 

Because of the lack of support and tools provided by franchises, Bob decided to create his own company.  He utilized his years of experience, the materials he developed, ideas, marketing concepts, techniques and current technologies to create one of the most streamlined and efficient brokerages in the state. 

Bob runs his real estate business with professionalism, honesty and integrity and encourages others to do the same. 

He utilizes his experience and time in the business to assist his clients in achieving their real estate goals whether they are buying or selling a home.



We trust Bob Hoffman.  When we accepted the position at the U of Utah Medical School, it meant a move from Iowa and finding a home in the Salt Lake area. The best decision we made was to have Bob Hoffman work as our realtor. Not only did he stay with us through months of hunting, but also he had the expertise to help us in every step from the original offer to closing and after.

Never once did Bob try to push us into a decision about any home or area. Knowing that we would only be happy with the home of "our choice" he patiently continued to show us homes in any area or range of interest to us. As much as possible he would discuss details about homes in advance so our valuable time would not be wasted. We appreciated his candor and honesty in pointing out both positive and negative aspects in possible resale of any home we showed interest in.

Bob also had the courtesy to stand back and let us look and discover on our own. His easy going accommodating nature was appreciated as we worked through what would have been a frustrating experience.

We found Bob to be extremely knowledgeable when it came to financing, closing procedures, and all the details. He was with us every step of the way. Making sure that we both understood what was going on and more importantly, that our interest was protected.

Buying and selling a home is something most of us do a few times in our life. It is a good feeling to close one of these life time deals and feel you have been treated fairly, that you found what you wanted, and have no fear of surprises. We trust Bob Hoffman implicitly and would recommend his expertise to anyone.


Dr. and Mrs. Merril T. Dayton



A great deal of pride and professionalism in his work.   Like many young couples just starting out, my wife and I purchased a small, two bedroom home, knowing that as our family grew so would our housing needs. When that time came almost a year ago, we first met Bob Hoffman.

As we struggled with the decision to finish our basement or to buy a larger house, Bob returned a phone call my wife had placed regarding one of his listings. She explained our situation to him and he asked if he could come by to perform a market analysis on our house. From the analysis, he said he could tell us how much we could reasonably expect to net after its sale ( something no other realtor offered to do).

It occurred to us that we that we really needed that information before we could make an educated decision, so we invited him over. He explained that interest rates were at their lowest level in several years which made it an excellent time to buy a new house. He also pointed out other important factors unrelated to finances and interest rates that we should consider before making our decision. The facts that he presented were convincing and we called him back within a few days.

At a time when other houses in our neighborhood were still on the market after 12 months, Bob sold our house in 4 weeks. And within a week of the sale, he helped us find the house we eventually bought ( it was much nicer than we thought we could afford on my salary as a computer programmer). My wife and I attribute Bob's success to his being open and honest with us about our property value relative to the state of the housing market and his aggressive work habits.

Throughout our experience with Bob, he exhibited a great deal of pride and professionalism in his work and concern for our best interests. As a result, he has not only won our future business, but also our friendship.


Bryan G. Zaugg